The Publishers Dilemma

Publishers have been stuck with a model of online advertising that drives people away from the content they came to view.

Most advertising is aimed at catching people’s attention and getting a reaction to the advertising. For many people online ads are annoying and have the exact opposite effect desired by the advertiser.

The issue is when it comes to online, Ads are interruptions.

However, Mary Meeker points out that Millennials are 112% more likely to share ads online they like than any other demographic. That’s according to new data by video ad tech company Unruly, which also found that Millennials are 23% more likely to enjoy ads they find relevant.

With global spending powers of $2.45 trillion, 18-34-year-old digital natives are one of the most highly sought-after advertising demos.

Yet while Millennials are more likely to enjoy and share video ads than any other internet users, they are also the generation most likely to install ad blockers and put video ads on mute.

AdJumps is a communication system at its core allowing people to share, comment and interact with Ads.  That makes advertising a dialogue, not an intrusion.